Digix Global
Digix Global

The Gold Standard in Blockchain Digital Assets

Purchase Digital Gold Assets with Ether or Bitcoin.
99.99% Gold from LBMA approved Refiners. 0% Fractional Reserves.

Secure & Transferable

Blockchain based Crypto‑Assets

Every asset represents a unique bullion bar sitting in designated securitised custodial vaults. The provenance of the Gold is traceable, immutable and exists indefinitely.

DGX Tokens
Future Stablecoin

DGX Gold Tokens

DGX is free from the volatility of Crypto-Currencies.
You can own, save and transact Gold in tokenised form - keeping secure private ownership of your digital assets.

Blockchain Asset Ownership

What is Digix?

Digix is an asset-tokenisation platform built on Ethereum. We leverage the blockchain's immutability, transparency and auditability by applying it to precious physical assets.

Digix has created a range of technologies including The Proof of Asset Protocol (POA), Digix Gold Tokens (DGX), a gold-backed token for Ethereum, and DGD - Digix DAO Tokens.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Otherwise known as Distributed Ledger Technologies, it relies on participating users to power the network by confirming transactions while utilising a general consensus mechanism. The ‘blocks’ of information are stored chronologically on every computer - in a decentralized fashion.

Trustless Verification

The Proof of Asset Protocol

Digix has developed a system of proving asset existence and ownership on the blockchain.
Every step of the way, records of proof are published permanently using Ethereum and IPFS.

Physical Gold Bullion

Purchase bullion from LBMA refineries with accompanying Assay Certificates from refiners ranging from Valcambi, PAMP Suisse, Nadir Bullion

Third Party Auditing

An established auditor, Inspectorate Bureau Veritas, provides quarterly audits of every single Gold asset in our Safe House vaults. Established since 1828, they are a world leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification Services.

Mint & Recast

Digix enables a first of a kind interchangeable Smart Contract deployment to switch between physical bullion and tokens in the EIP20 standard.

The Next Generation of Wealth Management

Fully Allocated Bullion on the Blockchain

The Gold-Standard Stablecoin

Long term value store

Gold has proven long-term stability; DGX tokens can protect you from the inherent volatility of crypto.

Nouveau Ownership

Control Your Assets

Never before has allocated bullion been issued right from the point of digital purchase. At Digix, we prioritise our clients’ ownership more than anything else.

Secure & Spendable

Liquid Bullion

Securing bullion makes it more difficult to trade and use. Digix provides the means to liquidate your metal and use it in everyday life with the same level of physical security.

What People are Saying about Digix

Vitalik Buterin
Chief Scientist, Ethereum

Vitalik Buterin

Giving users easy access to many different kinds of digital assets on the blockchain, and particularly tokens that are linked to assets in the real world, is crucial to seeing blockchain adoption reach the next level, and I applaud Digix's initiative in being the first of many such projects to successfully launch.

Alex Van de Sande
Lead Designer, Ethereum

Alex Van de Sande

I created a secret phrase that I can write down anywhere and then that can be a real gold storage! Thinking about that makes everything seem awesome!

Arthur Falls
Host, The Ether Review

Arthur Falls

Digix appears to be on track to provide the most comprehensive and customer-oriented digital asset platform around. Initially, they will be offering gold-backed tokens using a powerful Proof Of Asset Certificate.

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Cryptographically Secure Assets

Digix's robust Proof of Asset protocol securitises your asset against unallocated bullion concern. This enables a range of previously impossible value propositions.

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